Glitzy Grape Glitter Polish by New York Color

New York Color is becoming one of my favorite brands of drugstore cosmetics. All of the products I have tried recently from this brand have exceeded my initial expectations and I like the fact that each product they offer is very inexpensive. New York Color uses a special mica powder for resin to make glitter varnish.

If you are looking for a new color of polish, than you should head on over to your local drugstore or retailer such as Wal-Mart or Target and check out the New York Color line.

There are 2 different lines of nail polishes that I have found from this line, both being under $2 at local retailers.

Their "long wearing nail enamel" line of polishes usually retail for around $1 and come in many different shades.

The color I am going to review today is number 107A, Glitzy Grape Glitter.

This color really caught my eye and I decided to purchase this one and another one from the same line on a whim one night at my local Target. I only paid around 50 cents apiece as there were coupons attached to many NYC products for 50 cents off. How could I pass up this offer?

I have many polishes and seem to be purchasing one a week for the past several weeks. I must say that this brand has really made me think differently of this brand in general.

The color is really pretty and light. I find it pretty neutral and metallic.

When you hear the name "grape glitter" you might think of something dark with chunks of glitter, but this is really far from the truth.

Glitzy Grape Glitter is more of a sheer lilac shade with a metallic sheen to the finish. It is hard to describe this metallic sheen because it often looks golden in some lights and more silver in others. I really like this effect and something that is surprisingly neutral and would go with lots of outfits.

It did take 3 coats of this polish to achieve the look I was going for. I would not say that the color on my nails after it dried looked exactly like the bottle, but similar. Even though it was slightly different and less lilac in shade, I was not disappointed with the result.

I did not use a top coat or a base coat with this polish and it lasted around 3 days on my nails without any chipping that would cause me to change my color.

I think that 3 days is about right for most polishes on me, so this wasn't something that was unusual.

I really recommend this shade as it is buildable. You can apply one or 2 coats for something lighter, or add a third coat for something more opaque and look similar to the bottle shade.

The brush is nice, though not the best I have ever used, but I did not have any problem with application.

The bottle contains about .45 amount of polish and is a good deal for only $1.

For more information on NYC's Glitzy Grape Glitter polish, please visit the New York Color website, here.