Pari Match mobile apps

As has been said many times before, PariMatch can be downloaded to both iPhones and Android phones.

What are the differences in the mobile phone app

If the old version of Parimatch mobile website adjusted automatically to the client, having a version for mobile phones as well as for computers, TVs, the new one doesn't know how to do that.

It only offers an app for mobile phones, which can be downloaded from the bookmaker's official website. It is recommended to install the app only from it and not even try to download from other dubious resources, which can steal both your data and money from your accounts.

What phones the app supports

Phones that have the Android operating system must have version 4. While for iPhones, the version must be higher than 9. The mobile app has all the same functions as the official website. Only with a phone it will be faster, more convenient and efficient.

Phone applications, what they can do

The app for PariMatch does all the same things as on the website, but very quickly and in any location that is convenient for the client. A not insignificant plus of the phone app is that it is not blocked. And bookmaker's clients from any country can access it. Not thinking that if they go to another country, they will not be able to bet.

Apps for Android phones

To download the app for mobile android phones, you need to go to the PariMatch website. The file weighs very little. You can download and use it on phones even with a small memory without the slightest hangs and glitches due to lack of memory.

App for iPhones

The download process for iPhones is slightly different from that of Android. Once you select a file, it will automatically download to your phone, but the download time will be almost the same.

What a client gets by downloading the mobile version of PariMatch

By downloading the PariMatch app, a person will get their hands on everything on the official website without the slightest restrictions that are sometimes inherent in mobile counterparts of the products. The app will be ready to go at any time and will always be at the client's fingertips. He can, whenever he wants, see what the bookmaker has to offer. He can place a bet straight away and not have to think about what country he is in, whether there are restrictions or not. There are none in the mobile app and there never will be.

A person can watch videos, online broadcasts, what bets are currently available and what games can be bet on.